The Secret To Straight A's

Experience The Best Class Schedule Difference

Best Class Schedule offers professional college class selection,scheduling and consulting services; We are  based out of New Jersey, but our services are open to anyone in the U.S. With 8+ years of expertise in college class advising, selecting  and scheduling we have helped a wide varied students excel in college. We cater to 1st time college students, older adults returning to college, the veteran college student trying to improve their grades or to anyone in college looking for the best college classes and professors which will help you get the highest grades.

Based on our research the main reason people don't excel in college is....

..NOT because they didn't study

..NOT because they didn't put in the effort

..Because their classes weren't choosen correctly-this is what we call going through college blindly

When you go through college blindly you will start to have false thoughts such as "college is hard" and "college isn't for me".

We are here to show you that college can be very simple and enjoyable.

Some people call us college guru's but we consider ourselves your personal college class consultants. College doesn't have to be stressful . We want you to enjoy your college experience.   We are here to show you that it's possible for anyone to get an A in all your college classes. We do all the research for you and our small team of specialist hand pick the best classes available that will make it easier to get that A.

We believe  the key to exceling in college is 60% proper class/professor selection and 40% the studying and effort you put into your class. (If you need help in the studying department we also provide great tips for that.)

The right professor/class can make or break your grade. Did you know some professors don't believe in A's. Some professor are tough graders and some ae more relax with their grading.  Some professors give a lot of papers and some don't. Some give one or two test and some randomly give pop quizzes etc...

FOR EXAMPLE: When I was in college I had an English teacher whose grading concept was as long as you get at least an C on all your papers and test you will receive an A in the class.

I told my friend to let me help them select their classes but they didn't listen and they either ended up withdrawing from the classes or barely passing their class and had to repeat the class to get a better grade.

This is where we come in we do our part we provide you with classes that will make it easier for you to get that A, as long as you do your part  which may include studying, attending class or whatever that professor requires you should receive that A. We help you avoid wasting time and money repeating classes because of low or failing grades.

NOTE: We can't guarantee you will get an A in your classes because selecting the right class is only 60% of the work , the other 40% is up to you.

Also there are certain things that are hard to get around

Example: Most, if not all English classes you will have to write papers. The number of papers, grading criteria and clarity depends on the professor.